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What the Fork is for Dinner? Full Course

meal planning basics for busy mamas | taught by Angie Trueblood

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It's time, mama.

It's time to stop dreading dinnertime. Time to stop scouring Pinterest for the recipe that is going to be a TOTAL win but is actually a #PinterestFail. Time to stop spending $200 at the grocery store and having nothing for dinner. Time to stop wondering 'What's for Dinner?'

It's time for you to start enjoying dinner time with your family.

It's time to start thinking of dinner as a highlight of your day, not just ONE.MORE.THING. that gets a spot on your to-do list. It's time to reconnect with your family, create memories, and relax around the table at the end of the day.

Let's say PEACE OUT to the days of frantically trying to cook a 45-minute dinner in the 20 minutes you actually have available, all while your kiddos are fighting and begging for help with homework. Let's eliminate the nights where you all pile into the minivan and head to the closest drive through for dinner as a last resort (unless that's how you roll and it works for which case, keep on keepin' on).

Oh...and you'll also save time and money.

For realz, if you believe all the research on the benefits of meal planning and eating at home, you'd be doing them both like...yesterday. I mean, dinner for a family of four at a fast food joint is $25, minimum. And, let's be honest, piling the whole crew into the car to go grab dinner at the end of a crazy day where shizz hit the fan and you couldn't muster the energy to make dinner is actually no fun at all.

Alright. Meal planning SOUNDS great.'re not so sure where to start.

In which case, I say, start here. Start with me and let's create a simple system that works for YOU and YOUR family week after week after week.

Here's what you'll get in this course:

  • Step-by-Step Video Instruction of how to create a meal planning system that you can use week after week to plan meals that work around your family's busy schedule.

  • A printable (and gorgeous!) workbook to walk to you through said steps.

  • Printables that you can save and print and use week after week after week INCLUDING: a weekly planning page, a running grocery list, a Themed Night Rotation template, templates for keeping your family's favorite recipes + meal ideas, and a monthly planning page
  • BONUSES!!!
    • VIDEO: 'What's the deal with freezer meals?'
    • VIDEO INTERVIEW with Dina Rose, author of 'It's Not About the Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating', to help us tackle meal planning when our kiddos have opinions.
    • RESOURCES to make life easier: A full 2-pages of my favorite websites, books, apps, videos and ideas to help you make this system 'ALL YOURS'.
    • I've included a SAMPLE monthly rotation and a sample monthly meal plan to help get your juices flowing.

And, better than that...

  • You'll look forward to dinnertime because you'll be able to relax...since you know exactly what you're having and you know you have the time to cook it.

  • You'll save hours of brainpower not wondering all day what you'll be having for dinner.

  • You'll save $$, for sure, and will probably eat healthier, without having to count a single macro (I'm still not sure what that is).

  • You'll pretty much be a rockstar mom, at least for 30 minutes a day, ESPECIALLY if this is the first time you've considered getting a game plan for choosing your weekly meals.

Sounds great, right? But...don't take my word for it. Here's what some of my clients have said:

Autumn, mama of a sweet 1-year old: 'I feel so much more confident in the kitchen now than when I started. I've even taken HOMEMADE side dishes to friends' houses and had my family over to dinner...something I had never done before.'

Amy, work from home mama: 'This course is so well done - simple and yet really getting to the important foundation of what makes dinner time a success for ME. I really didn't think there could be enough to justify a whole "course" or the "pre-planning planning" but it all makes sense and reinforces why the meal planning is important and how it feeds in to what I really want for my family.You are speaking to my soul with this stuff! Seriously. You have a gift.'

Krista, mama of 2 busy kiddos: 'It’s almost time to start my weekly menu and grocery planning so I can get groceries. And it’s so easy now that Angie helped me put together this awesome binder system for me!! Everything is organized so it’s easy for me to find dinner ideas based on how much time I have each night. If you dread meal planning and grocery prep, let Angie help!'

Annnnd...NOW you want details.

Yep. 30% off for one month. 

$47 : Grab the course and run solo if you're ready to dig in, follow the workbook and my video instructions and GET.IT.DONE.

Hold the phone. You've got questions.

I get it. This is probably the first time you've considered buying something to teach you how to meal plan AND you've got a couple of questions. Let's see if I can answer the big ones.

'Here's the deal. I KNOW how to meal plan. Will this help?'

I see you. You USED to be a rockstar meal planner. BUT, life has gotten so busy that dinnertime has spun off the rails a bit and your rockstar status has shrunk to that of the opening band at a local Friday festival.

For you, overwhelmed mama, this course will be perfect. We're going to take a minute to breathe, and we'll tweak your system to make sure you're considering the busy-ness of your life when you're planning out your weeks.

'So, how is this course different from all the thousands of meal planning 'helpers' out there?'

Put simply, I work with what you already have. Because 'YOU.ARE.ENOUGH' is not a buzzword to me. You've been feeding your family for years, and, I assume you have a couple of go-to meals that most of your family WILL eat. If not, I've collected some of the best resources and included them with a bit of instruction on how not to get lost pinning shiplap mudrooms while searching for a family-friendly chicken recipe on Pinterest. Just sayin'....I've done it. #secretboard

This course is not something that will add another to-do on your list. In the end, it will simplify and streamline what you're either already doing or dreaming of doing. I will not be filling your head with ideas and information and meal plans and recipes. We will work together to create a system for you that allows you to sit down, once a week, and plan your meals for the week in under 15 minutes.

'Wait. What? I'll be able to plan my dinners in under 15 minutes?'

Absolutely. The challenge most mamas have in meal planning is not that they don't believe it's a good thing to do...they just don't know where to start. Before I created my own simple system, I used to put off meal planning because I dreaded it! It took forever because when I sat down to plan, I was starting from scratch every single time. I was picking meal ideas and recipes out of thin air. Or worse, I would scour Pinterest and websites and cookbooks with no sort of intention. Which lead me to....more overwhelm. Oy.

So, I simplified the whole dang thing. And, that's what I'm sharing with you. In this course, you'll simplify the process of meal planning by creating (or tweaking!) a system that works for YOU and your family. You'll take what's already working (SOMETHING has to be working) and start there. So...let's get started!

Or, did I miss your question altogether?

I want to answer it completely. Shoot me a quick email at and I'll share anything you want to know about this course so you can decide if it's a good fit.

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Angie Trueblood
Angie Trueblood
~ Mealtime Ninja ~

Angie Trueblood is a meal planning strategist and writer at She spends her time helping other mamas simplify dinner in an effort to create more space for quality family time. Her clients end up with a bit more swagger in the kitchen, are less stressed when they finally sit down at the table, and they significantly reduce the amount of time spent scouring Pinterest for the 'PERFECT' recipe which will undoubtedly end up as a #PinterestFail.

She is a believer in using systems, strategies, shortcuts, and hacks whenever possible to increase the likelihood that a family will share time around the dinner table instead of piling into their minivan for a last minute pivot to the nearest quick-food restaurant. When she's not coaching or writing, she loves exploring her hometown of Richmond, VA's parks and playgrounds with her two kiddos, checking out new restaurants with her hubs, and laughing about motherhood over cocktails with friends.


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Chapter 2 | Decisions to Make Before You Start Meal Planning
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Chapter 3 | Create Your Theme Night Rotation
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Chapter 4 | Create a Bank of Family Favorites
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Chapter 5 | Create Your Meal Plan!!
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YESSSSSSS!!! You did it! Now what?
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